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Wades Total Tree Service strives to give to our customers top quality tree services, which is possible through education and training our employees. Our staff are well-trained, skilled and equipped with the best tools and equipment available in the modern world. We are fully insured with general liability and adequate worker’s compensation for your protection, which is very important in our industry.

We offer the most reliable, affordable and safe tree removal services in the Nashville TN region and surrounding area. When you have dead or diseased trees in your yard or a storm has damaged them, Wades Total Tree Service can perform the safest tree removal in our region. Our staff are the best trained in the business, they use only professional methods for the process of tree removal.

After a tree has been removed, the stump and the root system remains, and stump removal will be required. Stump Removal is done by using a powerful machine known as a Stump Grinder. The machine uses a rotating cutting disk with Carbide teeth that chip away at the stump and tree roots. Removing the Stump can not only give your back yard more space, but can also reduce further dangers brought about by termites and other nasty creatures that like to inhabit rotting stumps.

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