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Stump Removal

At Wades Total Tree Service, we concentrate on providing a safe and professional stump removal services in Nashville TN. Using modern and efficient machinery, we can tackle any size stump, from just a few inches in diameter and upwards.

Stump Removal with modern and effective machinery - Wades Total Tree ServiceWe have professional equipment (stump grinder) to efficiently remove large and small stumps in a timely manner without destroying your lawn. We remove tree stumps by professionally removing them into mulch, then back-fill the hole(s) left from removing with the residual mulch. Easy access – machine fits through 36″ gate for backyard.

Once a live tree has been removed, the roots will soon stop growing. There is no longer the stimulation from hormones produced in the canopy to encourage new growth of roots. In most cases, the roots stop growing within a matter of days or weeks, and usually die shortly after that. Some tree species develop root sprouts, however, pushing out new stems from the root system. If allowed to grow, these shoots will produce the hormones and the carbohydrates the roots need to survive. Simply mowing the sprouts as they develop will usually result in the final death of the root system within a few months or a year.

In many cases, removing a tree stump from a yard is not always necessary.

Many home owners  in Nashville TN choose to remove stumps because they look bad, are tricky to mow around or take up room in a garden bed or other area. Sometimes, stump removal becomes necessary if the roots of the stump extend under the home or other building. Tree stumps left to rot naturally often attract unwanted pests such as termites and can take decades to decompose completely.

Wades Total Tree Service is your local tree service company in Nashville TN and if you need just someone to prune your trees,  on the next page you will get better idea of what are we going to do and why pruning is so important.

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