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Tree pruning

Are you concerned about that tree on your property? Tired of having branches on your lawn or hanging over the garage or maybe you just need some regular pruning to let that rare sunshine shine through?

You can rest assured that your trees are in safe hands with Wades Total Tree Service!

With the help of professional, licensed, and dedicated tree contractor, you can transform your tree growth from jungle wild to paradise perfect!

Unique Tree Services in Nashville TNWhy get tree pruning services?

An urban environment creates many challenges to the natural growth of trees. Taking care of your trees will not only improve the beauty of your living space and protect our local rain forest, but it will act as an investment that can surely increase your property value!

Many species of trees will live over 200 years in the wild, and with our tree services, your tree may live that long too. Let your landscaping act as a legacy and let Wades Total Tree Service help make it happen!

Who needs the best tree services in Nashville TN?

If you have trees on your land or in your backyard, you need regular tree services! Our customers tend to consist of both residential and commercial properties, and our professionals can handle the needs of both!

Whether you want to take proper care of the family home by cutting away some aggressive branches, need to prune the trees around your business complex, or your old tree is making touble arround your house and needs to be removed, Wades Total Tree Service can do this job for you!

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