Reasons Why You Should Remove Unsightly Tree Stumps from Your Property

Find out Why Hiring a Tree Service Provider to Remove Your Stump Is Imperative for the Health and Appearance of Your Landscape

There are cases when a tree must be removed, no matter how much you don’t agree with the idea. For instance, if a tree is too close to power lines, has suffered severe storm damage, is too old to stand on its own, is causing problems to your roof, or is in the way of your future patio, then that tree has to be cut down. However, if you decide to do it, then you must do it properly and all the way. To be more precise, we’re talking about tree stumps here. Many tree service provider may cut your tree, but for different reasons, they may leave an unsightly stump behind.

pulling a stumpHere’s what that stump is causing to your property.

Diminishes Aesthetics

First and foremost, the presence of a tree stump on your yard affects the curb appeal of your property. Stumps are real eyesores and should be removed along with the tree or immediately after in order not to affect your property’s look.

Poses Health Problems

Once a tree is cut, the roots will start to decay becoming prone to all sorts of diseases and illnesses. Although they won’t pose any danger to the tree that they once supplied with nutrients, they can cause severe health problems to the trees and vegetation around them. If you have other trees in your yard, or flowers, or even shrubs, they can all be infected with disease through an ill stump. Having a tree service provider remove the stump as soon as possible is one of the factors that will lead to a healthier and more beautiful landscape.

Creates Danger to People

If you have kids that like to play in the yard, then be advised that a tree stump can make them trip and fall, causing them severe injury. Don’t take any chances when it comes to safety, especially your kid’s safety. Contact Wades Total Tree Service at (615) 241-6974 and have a professional tree service provider remove that unsightly tree stump from your yard immediately.

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